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Impressive Turnout for N.O.A. June Match

(Match Report by Tyler Patner)

After a week of changing forecasts, the Northeast Ohio Airgunners hosted their second match of the year on a beautiful Sunday that saw hot and humid weather, a great turnout and naturally, a challenging course. 31 shooters endured the near 90 degree day to take on this 60 shot match. Thankfully, inside the woods the natural tree cover provided some much needed shade from the sun, but not as much cover from the wind.

The wind was considerably stronger and more consistent through the day than any match on our woods course that I can recall. A very long course that featured 16 targets over 40 yards and a troyer rating of 32.9T (before wind and lighting were factored in) set the stage for a real challenge.

Dan Putz was our lone WFTF Piston competitor and posted a 28 for the day. Not the only piston shooter on the course, Nick Lawrence took the top spot in Hunter Piston with a 36. In Open PCP, Keith Walters continued his great season with a 53. Tyler Patner took the high score in WFTF PCP with a match high 54. A special shoutout to Keith for getting some awesome shirts for the club. These will be on sale over the next few months at matches, get one while supplies last!

And in Hunter PCP we had a tie for first place between Jeff Little and Jeff Swartz, both shooting 52’s. Since both shooters had already packed their equipment away the tie was settled by the flip of a coin. When the coin finally came to rest, Jeff Little walked away with the 1st place award for the day. Great shooting to both Jeff’s!

* tie decided by coin flip

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone that came out to shoot with us. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and watching our FT community continue to grow and thrive here in Ohio has been a great pleasure. Second, I want to thank all of our club members that assist with course setup and match day duties. Last but certainly not least, I want to give a special thank you to the shooters that drove in from further away than normal to join us. Eric Brewer and Rick Vaeth made the trip down from New York, and Gary Palinkas came up from Florida.

Our next match is on the 18th of July, and we look forward to seeing everyone there! Until then, have a wonderful Fourth of July, stay safe and shoot straight!


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