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Match and Club Details

Our N.O.A. Match Fees:

Regular Match Fee - $15, $5 for under 18
Reduced Regular Match Fee for N.O.A. Club Members - $10
Higher Match Fees for special, larger matches may apply.
Note:  Regular Match Fees include a N.O.A. provided lunch.


The Agenda for Regular Matches:

1. Sight-in range opens at 8:00 am.
2. Match Registration 8-9:30 am.
3. Shooters meeting at 10:00 am.
4. Match begins at 10:30 am.
5. Lunch and awards ceremony immediately following the conclusion of the match.


Club Membership:

Our club mission is to promote the airgun hobby by putting on superb field target (FT) matches and by conducting and/or supporting other activities that provide for the enjoyment of airguns.  Our club dues are $20 per year.


I'm told people usually join clubs for a number of reasons.  For me, joining a club is about making connections with other people with whom I share a strong interest.  Other reasons may include a desire to contribute to the club's mission, to receive some financial benefit like reduced fees for activities, to share knowledge you have, and to gain new knowledge from fellow club members.  I'm sure the list could go on and on.  Whatever your reason or reasons might be, if you would like to join N.O.A., please contact

Bill Babbitt, our club treasurer, at  Bill will let you know how to apply for membership.

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