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Under Age Participants

All individuals under the age of 18 are considered a minor child:


At N.O.A. we welcome and encourage having young shooters participate safely and supervised properly at our matches.  In doing so, we ask that all children under the age of 18 have a release of liability form filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian.  This can be done at the match or prior to the match by downloading the PDF form found here on our website and brought to the match by the parent, guardian, relative or responsible adult age 18 years or older who will be supervising the minor child the entire time he or she is at the Twin Oaks Air Rifle Club.


The parent or legal guardian does not need to be the person accompanying the minor child for the match, but they do need to be the party signing the minor child release of liability.  Also, the person who accompanies the minor child does not need to shoot the match themselves, although we encourage it, but they must stay with the minor child at all times, whether on the actual course or anywhere on the Twin Oaks Air Rifle Club grounds.  The adult supervising the minor child at the Club is responsible for making sure that the child is acting in a safe and respectable manor.

Although a minor child may shoot in any standard class and division that we offer, if they are not an experienced shooter and are new to airguns, they may want to try our field target Junior class:


Junior class requires the junior shooter to take 4 shots per lane at the close target.  They are scored one point for a knock down and zero points for a miss.  


For forced standing and kneeling lanes, junior shooters may shoot the close target from their normal "freestyle" or seated position with the same aids they use on non forced position lanes.  (Ex. A junior shooting from a bucket and sticks may use these on the standing and kneeling lanes as well).  This is not required, so juniors looking to test their abilities may shoot the kneeling and standing lanes from the forced position if they elect to, although their final scores will not be weighted in case of a tie with another shooter.


Novice class shooters, those 18 years of age and older, will use the same rules as Junior class, those under the age of 18, although they will shoot the positional shots in either standing or kneeling position.  Novice and Junior classes will not distinguish between power plants, whether it be PCP, Piston, C02, or single or multi-stroke pneumatics.  We will however only be providing awards for juniors, assuming two or more juniors are shooting the match.  Of course, if a minor child or new shooter would rather shoot the normal course in one of the regular classes that is always welcomed.

If the parent or legal guardian will not be attending the match, please have them fill out and sign the minor child release of liability form and have the supervising adult bring it with them to the match.  If we do not get an appropriately signed minor child release of liability form, we cannot allow the minor child to shoot or to spectate at the match.

Here is a Link to the Minor Child Release of Liability PDF Form

The link will open a website view of the PDF form.  To print the form make sure the pull down zoom tab at the top middle of the website view reads "actual size" before printing.  If you are unable to print the form actual size then download the form from the website view.  Downloading the form (Windows Computers) will prompt you with two options.  One option is to download and save the form to your computer where you can print it later and the second option is to open the form directly in Adobe Acrobat Reader and print it from there.

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