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Higher Troyer Factor Highlights August Match

Mark Oehlberg

Twenty four shooters made their way to Crooked Creek on Sunday the 6th for our August club match. The weather was perfect in the 70s and there was a slight breeze in the forest. With the Pyramyd Air Cup coming up at the end of the month, the course was set a bit harder than usual with a Troyer difficulty of 33.5T. The average target distance was 35.9 yards and the standard deviation was 7.5. With a few lanes extended from earlier in the season, we had 11 targets over 40 yards. We also had a few AAFTA illegal targets just to give shooters an extra test or two out there.

With 24 shooters, we were able to run with all two person squads which kept things moving fairly quickly throughout the day. I’m pleased to say, that despite the harder than normal course layout, we saw many shooters rise to the occasion and post their best scores of the year so far. Shout outs to Roger Barker who posted a personal best 50/60 with his Pro Target and Sightron rig in open. In WFTF PCP, Kristen Coss shot a solid 40/60 with her AA MPR and Hawke 10-50. Larry Justinus also put in a personal best (pretty sure) with a 37/60 using his EV2 and Leupold Comp 40x combo. Congrats to those three for putting in their best scores so far on a tough course.

In WFTF Piston, Jeff Paddock was all alone after his big win at the Crosman All American Match and posted a very impressive 52/60 with his trusty HW97 and Leupold Comp 35x. He’s really got that set up dialed in and his scores show it. On the PCP side of WFTF, Tyler and Bill ended the day tied at 53/60. The winner was decided by a shoot off later in the day on a 51 yard ½” KZ. It took a few tries, but in the end, Tyler was victorious.

In Hunter PCP, Dennis Himes put in a dominating performance with a 56/60. Way to go Dennis. He is looking primed and ready for the Cup. The course was tough on the Hunter shooters this match as 2nd place in PCP was a tie between Tim Baylor and Carl Lucas, both shooting 42/60. In Hunter Piston, Dan Putz returned to the class to challenge Mark Evans. Dan did not disappoint as he put up a 39/60 to better Mark’s 34. Mark also brought his grandson Cameron along who did quite well on the Novice targets, posting a 32. Way to go Cameron! It was great to have you out and we hope to see you again in September.

After the match, we were treated to a fantastic meal of baked beans and pulled chicken sandwiches by Tim and his wife. It was delicious and I know everyone enjoyed it. We distributed awards and tore things down with tons of help from the shooters. The extra help is greatly appreciated, so to everyone that stuck around, a big THANK YOU!

Our next club match will be in September 17th. But before that, we are looking forward to seeing everyone at the PA Cup on August 25-27th. There is a lot of work to be done before then however as targets need to be repainted and checked over before the big match. We will see you there!

Bruce Scott

Tim Baylor

Tyler Patner...thumbs up!

Typical Lane

Cameron Evans_Novice/Special Jr._Piston

Dennis Himes_Hunter PCP

Dan Putz_Hunter Piston

Roger Barker_Open PCP

Hunter PCP

Dennis Himes - Daystate Air Wolf - Hawke 4-16X - Air Arms 10.3 - 56/60

Tim Baylor - Steyr LG110 - Hawke 4-16X - JSB 10.3 - 42/60

Carl Lucas - Air Arms S500 - Hawke - 42/60

Alan Barker - Benjamin Marauder - Hawke 4-12X - JSB 10.3 - 38/60

Rick Smelko - Marauder - Osprey 10-40x - CP Domed - 38/60

Joe Tricomi - Benjamin Marauder - Hawke - JSB 18.1 (.22) - 36/60

Ted Andro - Benjamin Marauder - Hawke - JSB 10.3 - 36/60

Jeff Little - Air Arms S500 - Hawke - JSB 10.3 - 34/60

Ed Wood - Kral Puncher Mega - UTG 3-12x - HN Baracuda - 26/60

Dena Wood - Kral Puncher Mega - UTG 3-12x - HN Baracuda - 26/60

Dave Kovoch - Benjamin Marauder - ??? - ??? - 24/60

Don Ellsworth - Benjamin Marauder - UTG 4-12X - AA 8.4 - 22/60

Hunter Piston

Dan Putz - HW97k - Athlon Talos 4-14x - H&N Sniper med - 39/60

Mark Evans - Beeman R9 - Hawke Airmax - H&N FTT(.22) - 34/60

Open PCP

Roger Barker - AA Pro Target - Sightron 10-50X - Air Arms 10.3 - 50/60

Mark Oehlberg - Steyr LG110 - Sightron 10-50X - H&N Baracuda - 18/60


Tyler Patner - Steyr LG100 HR - March 10-60X - Air Arms 7.9 - *53/60 (*Winner via shootoff)

Bill Rabbitt - AA EV2 - Nikko 10-50X - JSB 7.9 - 53/60

Bruce Scott - Air Arms EV2 - Nikko 10-50X - JSB 8.4 - 46/60

Kristen Coss - AA MPR FT - Hawke 10-50x - JSB 7.9 - 40/60

Larry Justinus - Air Arms EV2 - Leupold Comp 40X - JSB 7.9 - 37/60

WFTF Piston

Jeff Paddock - HW97 - Leupold Comp 35X - CPL 7.9 - 52/60


Jim Donahue - Benjamin 397 - Leapers 4x - JSB 8.4 - 33/60

Novice/Special Jr. (Piston)

Cameron Evans - HW30 - Bushnell 4-12x - H&N FTT - 32/60

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