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Summer Temperatures Continue for September Match

Gwen Putz

Attendance was great for our September match. Twenty seven shooters enjoyed a beautiful late summer day. Temperatures reached the low eighties with sunshine and very little wind. We could hardly ask for a better day to shoot some field target.

This month we were without our regular course planner, Tyler Patner, who is off to England and Wales to shoot field target with the big boys. He will be attending the World Field Target Championship in Wales next weekend while this past weekend he shot the European Championship. The course planning duties fell to Jeff Paddock as Bill Rabbitt was also away in California. Hopefully, people were not too upset with the layout or difficulty. In reality the course was a bit easier than last month with a Troyer difficulty of 30.8.

pre match coordination

After a slightly rough start where we saw about four cold lines in a row due to a faulty target, the rest of the match seemed to go off without a hitch. Mark Evans brought his grandsons, Cameron and Matthew Evans, who shot junior class piston with Cameron besting his brother with scores of 39 and 34 respectively. Dan Putz brought his daughters, Natalie and Gwen, who both shot hunter class PCP on our normal course. Natalie shot a 26 while Gwen shot a 20. Cory Bach brought his daughter, Allison, and she took the top Special Junior PCP award shooting a 46. Gianni Defrancisco was convinced by Tim Baylor to give FT a try and he did a great job shooting a Marauder. Dave Kovach was also back out trying an Air Arms S500. Roger Barker shot a personal best and match high score of 55 in Open PCP. Great job Roger! Rick Smelko won Hunter PCP with a score of 50 and Dan Putz shot an impressive 49 in Hunter Piston. Jeff Paddock shot a 47 in WFTF Piston.

Jeff Little

Natalie Putz

Path along the course

Cameron Evans

Jim Donahue

Dan Putz_Hunter Piston

Roger Barker_Open PCP

Jeff Paddock_WFTF Piston

Following the match we were treated to a delicious lunch provided by Bruce Scott which included pasta with a red sauce, meatballs, rolls and cookies for dessert. Thank you again Bruce! We would also like to thank Larry for bringing out his camera again to allow squad members to take action pictures of each other while shooting a lane. Thank you to Tim Baylor for leaf blowing our lanes before the match and to all who stuck around afterwards to help tear down the course.

Our next match is scheduled for October 15th, weather permitting. We hope to see you there.

Hunter PCP

Rick Smelko AA Pro Target Tasco 10-50X CPH 50/60

Keith Walters Brocock Bantam 49

Tim Baylor Steyr LG110 Hawke 4-16X JSB 10.3 48

Jeff Little Air Arms S500 Hawke 4-16X JSB 10.3 47

Alan Barker Benjamin Marauder Hawke 4-16X JSB 10.3 47

Cory Bach Air Arms S510US Hawke 4-12X JSB 10.3 45

Dave Hitchcock Daystate Hawke 10X JSB 10.3 45

Ted Andro BSA R10 UTG 3-12X JSB 10.3 44

Sue Tenney Daystate Regal Hawke 4-12X Kodiak 43

Joe Tricomi Benjamin Marauder UTG JSB 18.13(.22) 39

Carl Lucas Air Arms S500 Hawke 4-16X JSB 10.3 36

Dave Kovach Air Arms S500 Hawke H&N FTT 34

Don Ellsworth Benjamin Marauder UTG 4-12X AA 8.4 33

Gianni Defrancisco Benjamin Marauder Hawke 4-16X JSB 10.3 27

Natalie Putz Crosman 1720T Athlon Talos 3-12X H&N Sniper Med 26

Gwen Putz Crosman 1720T Athlon Talos 3-12X H&N Sniper Med 20

Hunter Piston

Dan Putz HW97K Athlon Talos 4-14X JSB 8.4 49/60

Mark Evans Beeman R9 Hawke Airmax H&N FTT(.22) 44

Open PCP

Roger Barker AA Pro Target Sightron 10-50X Air Arms 10.3 55/60

Skip Tenney Steyr Sightron JSB Monster 54


Larry Justinus Air Arms EV2 Leupold Comp 40X JSB 7.9 28/60

WFTF Piston

Jeff Paddock HW97 Leupold Comp 35X CPL 7.9 47/60

Bruce Scott Beeman R11 Burris 8-32X Air Arms 7.87 37


Jim Donahue Benjamin 397 Leapers 4X JSB 8.4 33/60

Novice/Special Jr (Piston)

Cameron Evans HW30 Bushnell 4-12X H&N FTT 39/60

Matthew Evans HW30 Bushnell 4-12X H&N FTT 34

Novice/Special Jr (PCP)

Allison Bach Air Arms S200 Leapers Swat JSB 8.4 46/60

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