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Sharpening Skills at August Match Before N.O.A. Burning River 120 Grand Prix

(Match Report by Tyler Patner)

31 shooters joined us for our last match before the Burning River 120 Grand Prix next month. We had some wonderful weather, mid 80’s and sunny made things a little muggy on the woods course. A variety of new target positions and some tweaks to existing lanes were made for this match, as we are working on finalizing the layout for the BR120. It was a long course (as usual) but with some very difficult mid range targets thrown in that were definitely the difference maker for many shooters.

While the troyer rating worked out to a 33.6T without modifiers for wind and lighting, I believe the course shot much harder than that. With over half the course past 45 yards, and 5 targets between 37-42 yards with ¾” to 1 ⅛” kill zones, whether shooters realized it or not, the wind was a major factor. These mid range shots at smaller kills really test your wind reading abilities, and even for the higher power shooters, a mistimed wobble and a little wind can lead to tough misses. While it was not consistent through the day, I noticed a number of shots that moved more than I could account for with the visual aids I was seeing. On top of that, dark targets in a few shady spots were quite tricky to range, and in some cases, finding the kill zones (particularly for the hunter shooters) was a real challenge.

In Hunter PCP, things were tight at the top. Jeff Little and Mike Gann made a strong push for the win, shooting 52 and 54 respectively, but Bill Rabbitt was able to handle the course conditions the best and led the way with a 55. Al Duster was the lone Hunter Piston shooter this match, and posted a 39/60.

In Open PCP, Gary Palinkas shot a 55 of his own, dominating the field. Joe Edwards and Keith Walters both put up 50’s, so we decided 2nd and 3rd via coin flip, with the coin falling in Joe’s favor. Just behind them, were Larry Gromacki and Roger Barker that tied with 49’s. No tie breaker needed there, but definitely noteworthy to see how tight the scores were. Dan Putz was all alone in Open Piston, shooting a 34.

In WFTF PCP, Tyler Patner posted a 56 to take the top spot. And Jeff Paddock laid down an impressive 48 in WFTF Piston. It seems he’s getting his act together before the Burning River 120. Unlimited PCP had 5 shooters participate, with Rick Smelko dropping just one shot on the day for a 59.

Awards were handed out, pizza was enjoyed and the course was torn down. Thanks to everyone that came out to assist with setup and those that stayed to help with the tear down. And even more thanks to all of the shooters that came to join us. The participation this year has been great and we are glad to have all of you shooting with us.

For those that are not signed up for the Burning River 120 yet, it’s sure to be a great time with 3 days of FT action! Friday will be the pistol match, and for those that don’t want to shoot pistol, bring out a 10 meter rifle and shoot the course alongside the pistol guys! Saturday and Sunday will feature a 60 shot match per day, one course in the field, and one in the woods. Don’t miss it!

Until next time, stay safe, shoot straight and we will see you on the lanes.


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