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Wind, Wind and More Wind

Ray and Tim

The last match of the season in Northeast Ohio and it was a tough one! 22 shooters made it out despite the threat of rain in the afternoon, which we know kept a few of our regulars at home. Thankfully, we got lucky and the rain held off. The wind on the other hand, was there in full force. 15-20 mph winds were predicted and they came in with serious impact.

The course was changed around slightly, with Jeff and Tyler making sure that the scores for the last match of the year would be hard earned. Lanes were extended and we even had a few new target locations. We experimented with a few cross lane targets where you'd be shooting a target that was on the other side of the next lane over. This meant shooters had to adjust position from the first target to the second and also meant that the wind would have a different impact on your shot from the first target to the next. The overall troyer for the match ended on a 33.5T before wind...and I'd imagine the wind would put it up in the 36 range. The biggest change was the distance, we usually have 8-9 targets over 40 yards, this match we had a whopping 16 targets over 40 yards! That's over half the course. And the average distance was just over 39 yards. Coupled with the wind, the course was quite intimidating and I am sure robbed some shooters of a few shots at least.

In WFTF Piston, Jeff Paddock struggled through the day with the tricky winds but his 38/60 was good enough to overcome Bruce Scott. Bruce is really taking a liking to the piston game and has gone in full bore with an R11 and Burris 8-32x scope, he managed a 29/60.

We had two new shooters, both in the Hunter PCP category. Ray Halt and Rob Lewandowski both gave FT their first try and I know both guys enjoyed themselves. Ray put up a very impressive 41 with his AA S510, and Rob shot a 17 with his Airforce Escape. Rob had just set up the gun a few nights before and didn't have much time to test before the shoot, but we are glad he made it out and now that he has all winter to get to know his rig, we expect him to be back much stronger next year! It was a tight one at the top of Hunter PCP, Jeff Little took top honors with his S510 Ultimate Sporter shooting a 45/60, but had many shooters close behind. As I walked the line this match, I noticed a lot of our shooters had upgraded their equipment, which is always great to see. Joe Tricomi was shooting an AA S500 that I hadn't seen before, Ted Andro used a BSA R10, Keith Walters was running a Brocock Bantam and Mike Clark has switched from an Air Arms to an HW100.

In Open PCP, Skip Tenney and Roger Barker had an old fashioned, knock down, drag out, FT brawl LOL. It was a very tight battle with Skip coming out one shot ahead with a 41/60. He seems to be getting along better with his Steyr and we hope that his scores continue to improve next season.

In WFTF PCP, Tyler took top honors off his trip to Wales for the Worlds. Shooting a 55/60. Just two shots behind was Bill Rabbitt with his newly acquired Steyr LG110, shooting a 53/60. Both are great scores considering the conditions. Kristen Coss also shot WFTF in her first match with her new BSA 10-50 scope. Considering the conditions and the fact that she is still learning this new set up, her 35/60 was quite good.

We had one junior shooter for our Novice/Special Junior course, Spencer Bach, shooting an AA S200. Spencer posted a great 43/60. Spencer has put in some impressive scores this year, and we are excited to see him continue to improve. He and sister Allison are going to do great next year.

It's been a great year for FT in Ohio. We've seen some great participation increases and are very excited about what the future holds at Crooked Creek. We will get information out about our plans for 2018 in the new year. We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable winter, and we will see you next season!

Jeff Little_Hunter PCP

Hunter PCP

Jeff Little Air Arms S500 Hawke 4-16X JSB 10.3 45/60

Keith Walters Brocock Bantam Optisan Viper 4-16X JSB 10.3 42

Tim Baylor Steyr LG110 Hawke 4-16X JSB 10.3 42

Ray Halt Air Arms S510 Hawke 6-24X JSB 10.3 41

Mike Clark HW100 39

Alan Barker Benjamin Marauder Hawke 4-12X JSB 10.3 38

Joe Tricomi Air Arms S500S Hawke JSB 36

Sue Tenney Daystate Regal Hawke 3-12X Kodiak 32

Don Ellsworth Benjamin Marauder UTG 3-12X AA 8.4 32

Ted Andro BSA R10 UTG 3-12X JSB 10.3 31

Cory Bach Air Arms S510US Hawke 3-12X Air Arms 10.3 26

Dave Hitchcock Daystate Hawke 10X JSB 10.3 25

Rob Lewandowski Airforce Escape 17

Rick Smelko Air Arms Pro Target Tasco 10-50X CPH -

Open PCP

Skip Tenney Steyr LG110 FT Sightron 10-50X JSB 13.4 41/60

Roger Barker AA Pro Target Sightron 10-50X Air Arms 10.3 40


Tyler Patner Steyr LG100 March 10-60X Air Arms 7.87 55/60

Bill Rabbitt Steyr LG110 Nikko 10-50X JSB 7.87 53

Kristen Coss Air Arms MPR FT BSA 10-50X JSB 7.87 35

WFTF Piston

Jeff Paddock HW97 Leupold Comp 35X CPL 7.9 38/60

Bruce Scott Beeman R11 Burris 8-32X Air Arms 7.87 29

Novice/Special Jr

Spencer Bach Air Arms S200 UTG Swat 3-12X JSB 8.4 43/60

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