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N.O.A. Clears Lanes at the New Venue

Several N.O.A. members met on Sunday morning to get a quick tour of the new venue in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and to clear lanes on the field target course. We were all a little concerned as snow fall was evident as we traveled to the club. However, after a couple hours things warmed up and the sun even came out to the delight of many of us.

The path and lanes were still very wet in areas but we managed to clear all 15 lanes to about 85-90 percent. A little touch up work is still needed on the lanes and path but the bulk of the clearing is done. We have the potential for two thirds of the lanes to go out to 55 yards.

Unfortunately Mark Oehlberg fell victim to the the mud bandits and he lost his shoes as they were sucked off his feet. Not to be outdone, I myself went out to clear the reeds from our island target and sunk into the swamp muck past the level of my high rubber boots up to my knees. Needless to say, I took part of the swamp home with me.

Thanks to all who showed up and participated in this much needed work at our new venue. Stay tuned for final course preparation announcements before our first match on May 20th.

Here are the new lanes:


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