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2024 Opener Plagued by Troubling Wind

(Match Report by Tyler Patner) April 14, 2024

The 2024 Field Target season is finally underway here in Ohio, with the first match of the season taking place at Twin Oaks Air Rifle Range in Chagrin Falls. Mid-April is usually a little early for the season to kick off for us, but we were blessed with some fantastic weather. Fantastic minus the wind of course! On match day, 22 shooters were greeted with temps that pushed just over 80 degrees, sunny skies and WIND! It was gusting, switching, spinning…doing all the things that strike fear into an FT shooter's heart.

Knowing the wind was coming, the course set up in the Field (as the woods were a bit soggy from the prior week's rainfall) was a bit more technical than it usually is. A number of mid-20 yard targets, in the ¾” to 1” range were set, knowing this would test the wind calling abilities of everyone shooting. And of course, there were a number of long targets as well. 13 of 30 targets were over 40 yards, with 8 of those being over 45. The troyer before wind is factored in, worked out to a 29.8T. Just for grins, I added the wind factor to every target with the exception of a few close ones, and that bumped the Troyer to 35.7T. Which is much more in line with how the course shot in my opinion, particularly for those shooting 12 FPE.

Thankfully, the match ran smoothly with no cold lines or issues. Everyone seemed to enjoy shaking the winter rust off, and even though the scores were lower than they usually are, I think it was an enjoyable day for all. We had our usual pizza lunch after the match concluded, and we tallied up the scores for awards. In WFTF Piston, John Cerne came down from New York and posted a solid 39/60 to best Matt Uhler. In WFTF PCP, Keith Walters topped the division with a 50, followed by Jeff Paddock just one shot behind.

In Hunter PCP, Bill Rabbitt posted a fantastic 55. Besting his next closest competitor by 11 shots! We also had a few new shooters in Hunter PCP, Craig Clark and Rick Mueller, and I hope they enjoyed themselves on the course. We hope you’ll both be back next month (hopefully with less wind). In Unlimited, Rick Smelko took the top spot with a 52. Honorable mentions to Roger Barker as the lone Open PCP shooter with a 46 and Al Duster as the lone Hunter Piston shooter with a 23.

1st Place Hunter PCP

2nd Place Hunter PCP

3rd Place Hunter PCP

1st Place WFTF PCP

2nd Place WFTF PCP

3rd Place WFTF PCP

1st Place WFTF Piston

1st Place Unlimited

Thanks to everyone that came out for our first match of the year. We hope to see you back again

in May!


Until then, stay safe and we will see you on the lanes.


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