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Beautiful Fall Day for N.O.A. October Match and Second Leg of Ohio Buckeye Field Target Series

(match report by Tyler Patner)

Another season has come to a close for the Northeast Ohio Airgunners. Our final match of 2019 was held on October 20th, and doubled as the second leg of the three match Buckeye FT Series. In an effort to provide the most variety and biggest challenge possible, the course was split between the Field course and the Woods course. With 7 lanes in the field and 8 lanes in the woods, shooters would experience the wind and lighting difficulties that each course presents all in one course of fire. We had 29 shooters join us and the we were blessed with a beautiful day. The weather in October is always questionable at best, but the sun was shining and the temps were in the mid to high 60's for most of the day.

Between the two halves of the course, there were 13 targets over 40 yards, with 9 of those 13 being over 45. The course had an average distance of 34.8 yards and a Troyer rating of 33.29T. Enough wind made it through both courses to cause shooters some grief, though I wouldn't call it a very windy day. The positional lanes proved difficult for most, with a long standing shot in the field at 34 yards, and a long kneeler in the woods at 39 yards.

As the scores rolled in, the usual suspects were near the top of the scoreboard. Bill Rabbitt had another strong showing with his Thomas Carbine, topping the Hunter PCP division with a 51/60. He was trailed by Jeff Little, who put in a solid 48/60. In Hunter Piston, Dan Putz threw down the gauntlet with an impressive 49/60 using his trusty Walther LGV. Tyler Patner put in the high score for the day and took top honors in WFTF PCP with a 55/60. Jeff Paddock was just behind him with a solid 50.

As the shooters came off of the course, they were greeted to some fantastic chili, courtesy of Bill Rabbitt. Jeff Edelmann’s wife, Roberta, provided some tasty homemade cookies and Jeff Paddock brought along some cornbread. Being the last match of the season, Bill also provided some tasty beverages including beer and jello shots to celebrate another season well spent on the lanes. Thanks Bill, I know all that partook enjoyed.

Larry, our staff photographer, showing Tyler how to reset a target after a hit

As we close this season, I want to say a few special thank you's. First and foremost, Anne and Ashley Reily for another great year of shooting on their property. I know I speak for all of our membership and attendees over the past two years in sharing our appreciation and gratitude for the use of the property.

To our members, thank you for all of your efforts and assistance in putting on these matches. When Bill, Jeff, Rick, Roger and I started the club in 2015, none of us believed it would grow to what is has today. Well, Roger might have believed it, but he has always been the most positive of us. What started as a way for a few of us to get some FT practice in has grown tremendously and we are so thankful to have the wide base of support and help that we do.

To all that have attended our matches in 2019, thank you for coming to shoot with us. I know we picked up a few new shooters this season, and we appreciate you coming out and spending your Sunday's with us. We look forward to seeing you again in 2020!

We will be working on our 2020 schedule and hope to have that sorted out early next year. Until then, we hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season, and we will see you on the lanes next year!


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