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Final Match for 2021 Field Target Season October 17, 2021

(Match Report by Tyler Patner)

26 shooters joined the Northeast Ohio Airgunners for their last match of the season. The coldest temps we have seen all year (mid 50s) brought in a little rain and plenty of wind to make this match interesting. We opted to shoot our woods course for this match, which proved to be helpful when the light rains came. Most were kept relatively dry under the canopy of the trees.

The course was set similarly to the layout used for the Burning River 120 last month, with about 16 targets over 40 yards and a Troyer of 33.4 before wind. Depending on where you were in the course between 11am and 12pm was a big factor in determining how many shots you likely missed due to swirling winds. Since half the course is longer shots, most were bitten at least a few times by the wind. It proved to be a great challenge for all, and those that weathered the storm best produced some excellent scores.

After the match, we were treated to a few varieties of chili thanks to Bill Rabbitt. This has become something of a tradition for our last match, and one that all of the shooters welcomed as they came off the course. Bill even got a fire started in the club house to help us warm up after coming out of the cold.

We had a few shooters try out Rick Smelko’s “unlimited” class, where shooters can use any magnification they want while using a bucket and sticks. They also can use the sticks as support on offhand and kneeling lanes as well. While this is not an official AAFTA class/division, it does give some a good opportunity to shoot a great score without having to stress the body on forced position lanes. Rick ended up coming in with a 56/60, just one point ahead of Tim Baylor.

In Hunter PCP, Jeff Little and Bill Rabbitt tied on 53, with the nod going to Jeff in a tie breaker. Ironically, these two tied across the board at the Burning River match last month, so we will have to wait until next year to see when and where this streak of ties will be broken.

In Hunter Piston, Dan Putz continued his great shooting with his TX200, finishing on a 48. Matt Uhler, with a few matches under his belt now, posted an impressive 41. It looks like Dan will have some real competition come next season! In Open PCP, Keith Walters showed up with his blue stocked RAW, but this time sporting a .177 caliber TM1000 action. He shot a great 55 to take the top spot. And in WFTF PCP, Tyler Patner matched that 55 with his Thomas, doing so without his shooting jacket.

With another season in the books, it’s necessary to take a moment to thank all of the people that make NOA successful. First and foremost, to Anne and Ashley Reily for their gracious hospitality and support. To all of our members that help with setup, tear down, award production, and all of the other unseen things that make our matches run smoothly. And to all of the shooters that continue to show up to test their skills and spend time with friends and fellow competitors. Thank you all. We cannot do this without any of you and your unwavering support of the last few years is appreciated more than you know.

Until next season, stay safe and we will see you again on the lanes in 2022.


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