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More Progress at Second N.O.A. Work Party

This past Saturday seven volunteers showed up at the club to do some more trail maintenance. We had a few more workers and wheelbarrows this time. We started laying down more mulch on the trails. Of course the farther into the trail we went, the more difficult is was to transport the mulch by hand. We had access to the front-end loader again but it was still a laborious process.

We cleaned out some of the stored items in the club house at the owner's request and went to work on repairing the plumbing in the bathroom. Fortunately Dave Hitchcock showed up and after a short trip to the hardware store, he was able to repair the broken pipe.

Later in the day, we made the decision to try to use the UTV to haul more mulch back into the trails. We knew this may damage some of the work that we had done already to the trail but we decided to proceed anyway. This turned out to work well for us. We could transport much more mulch at one time and we were able to lay down a wider path to allow the UTV to access more of the trail. Once we neared running out of mulch, we worked backwards out of the trail and repaired any damage that the UTV caused.

In the end, we had about a six foot wide trail from the trail head almost back to the main course trail. We still need to address one large wet area leading to the main trail and the three or four wet areas on the main trail itself.


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