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N.O.A Shooters Make Strong Showing at Crosman All-American Field Target Championship 2019

Bill with his Thomas Air FT rifle

Several of our regular shooters made the trip to the Rochester Brooks International Skeet and Trap Club in Rush, New York for the 2019 Crosman All-American Field Target Championship. This three-day event includes a 120 shot field target match, 60 shot pistol field target match, and a long range Quigley bucket contest.

Bill Rabbitt, touting a recently acquired Thomas Air FT rifle, dominated the field of Hunter PCP shooters earning first place while taking third place in Hunter Pistol giving him the Overall Championship as well.

Bill with Mark DeBoard (photo Hard Air Magazine)

Tom Himes took second in Hunter PCP while Dennis took third, after a shoot-off with Bill Day, using their Daystate Red Wolf air rifles.

Tom and Dennis (photo Airguns of Arizona)

Jeff Paddock and Tyler Patner both gave the WFTF shooters strong competition with second and fifth place finishes.

Jeff with his Air Arms EV2

Tyler with his Anschutz on the lanes

In Open PCP, Keith Walters took third place shooting his new Thomas Air FT rifle and Roger Barker placed fifth.

Keith on the standing lane




Pictures from the pistol match:

List of N.O.A. shooters and their scores:

Hunter PCP (score/120)

Bill Rabbitt 116 1st place (1st place overall 164)

Tom Himes 107 2nd place

Dennis Himes 106 3rd place

Ted Andro 98

Jeff Little 95

Donnie Reed 94

Dave Hitchcock 91

Doug Cunningham 83

Sue Tenney 80

Dennis Baker 71

Open PCP (score/120)

Keith Walters 105 3rd place

Roger Barker 90 5th place

Skip Tenney 76

WFTF PCP (score/120)

Jeff Paddock 107 2nd place (4th place overall 152)

Tyler Patner 103 5th place (5th place overall 148)

Hunter Pistol (score/60)

Bill Rabbitt 48 3rd place

Jeff Little 38

Skip Tenney 30

Ted Andro 25

Roger Barker 24

Open Pistol (score/60)

Tyler Patner 45 (tied 2nd place)

Jeff paddock 45 (tied 2nd place)

It was great to see N.O.A. representation at one of the largest field target matches in the country and recording some pretty good scores as well. Keep up the good work shooters!

Jeff shopping for his next FT hat


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